1000-Arm Chenrezig Empowerment and Mani Drupchen, September 22nd-28th

Drong Ngur Jangchubling is pleased to announce our third annual Mani Drupchen, September 22nd – September 28th.

Drupon Thinley Ningpo Rinpoche will bestow the Thousand-Armed Chenrezig Empowerment at the opening of the Mani Drupchen on Friday, September 22nd.

It is said that all the teachings of the Buddha are contained in Chenrezig’s mantra. The mani mantra (Om Mani Padme Hung Hri) carries the power to purify our mind’s obscurations and develop genuine love and compassion. H.E. Garchen Rinpoche has spoken many times of the benefits of this practice and teaches that one successful mantra retreat is equivalent to seven years of personal retreat in the magnitude of blessing accumulated. We are happy to have the opportunity to host this retreat.

Thousand-Armed Chenrezig Empowerment
Friday, September 22nd @ 7pm

Mani Drupchen
Saturday, September 23rd @ 9am – continuous sessions through – Thursday, September 28th @ 9am

The Mani Drupchen will have both daytime and nighttime sessions, and chanting of the Mani mantra will be continuous for the duration of the retreat. It will be a silent retreat, with no conversations in the shrine hall and indoor areas. The retreat will conclude with a Lama Chopa Tsok.

Although this will be a continual retreat with residential participants, everyone is welcome to attend at anytime during the retreat as their schedule allows.

Preregistration begins immediately. Suggested donation is $150 for full retreat, or $30 per day. Registration includes food and text. Please contact Paula Testa to preregister for the retreat.

Practice Sessions
Sessions begin the morning of Saturday, September 23rd @ 9am. There will be day and evening practice sessions and participants may rotate every 3 hours. All are welcome to participate in as much of the retreat as your schedule allows. To maintain continuous practice throughout the retreat, we ask all residential retreatants to sign-up for our nighttime rotating sessions. A practice schedule will be available at a later date.

Vegetarian meals will be provided for those who pre-register. Volunteers will prepare lunch and dinner, and cereal, oatmeal, toast, fruit, tea, and coffee will be available for breakfast. In order to ensure that food is available during the practice, meals will be available to registered participants only and we ask registered participants to sign-up to prepare at least one meal during the duration of the retreat. Please contact Damien Contessa for details or to sign-up for meal preparation.

Space is available in the shrine room, and other on location and nearby sangha facilities for a donation of $125.00 for the duration of the retreat. (If you choose to sleep in the shrine room, there will be around the clock chanting- you may wish to bring earplugs and a night shade.) Please contact Paula Testa for lodging.

Donation (daily attendee)
A donation of $30.00 for each day of the retreat is appreciated. This will include meals and one text. It will not include reserved overnight sleeping arrangements.

The text will be at the center for your use during practice. If you wish to take home a text, a donation of $15.00 for all non-registered attendees is appreciated.

Work Study
We are seeking volunteers for the retreat, and work-study positions will be available. We will also have one scholarship available thanks to the generosity of a sangha member. Positions must be approved before the empowerment and/or retreat begins. If you are interested in work-study or volunteering, please contact Damien Contessa.

Thank you very much, and may all beings have perfect happiness!