Inner and Outer Preliminaries Practice Sessions

Bell Dorje

Please join us for two monthly Ngondro practices, held the second Saturday from 1-5pm and the 4th Saturday from 9am to 5pm of each month.  This is an opportunity to practice with other students already engaged in Ngondro practice.  It is not a teaching on ngondro practice by Drupon Thinley, but merely an opportunity to practice with peers.

The first session of either day will include the outer preliminaries contemplations and then will be followed with the inner preliminaries practice(s).  On the 4th Saturday, for sessions 2 & 3 those students can practice whatever section of ngondro that they are working on.   All practitioner’s are welcome regardless of experience and are welcome to attend any session(s) that are convenient to them.  Dress to do prostrations, if you can.   We have a few texts for use if you do not have one. If you have not already discussed your aspirations to do this practice with Drupon Thinley, it is strongly encouraged that you do so, so that he can give you advice on how to best practice and what to emphasize.

Abount Ngondro Practice 
It is said that ngondro practice prepares one to become a suitable vessel for the practice of Dharma.

The founder to the Drikung Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, Lord Jigten Sumgon stated, “Ngondro is even more important than the higher practices.” It has also been said that sincerely practicing only Ngondro will lead to enlightenment since all mind training techniques leading to enlightenment are included within it!

The outer preliminaries include the 4 thoughts that turn the mind from samsara and toward dharma.
The Drikung Kagyu Ngondro outer preliminary practices are:

1. Contemplations’ on precious human life

2. Contemplations’ on Impermanence

3. Contemplations’ on Karma

4. Contemplations’ on the defects of samsara

The four Drikung Kagyu Ngondro inner preliminary practices are:
1. The Practice of Taking Refuge (prostrations with recitations),
2. Vajrasattva  practice for Purification,
3. Offering the Noble Mandala as a Special Method for Perfecting the Two Accumulations,
4. The Guru Yoga that Brings the Blessings of the Lineage

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