INTRODUCTION TO BUDDHISM Traveling from Confusion to Original Sanity

In response to interest expressed by many students, and under the guidance of Drupon Rinpoche and Virginia Blum, Drong Ngur is pleased to offer the second six (6) week Introduction to Buddhism class, “Traveling from Confusion to Original Sanity,” that will be facilitated primarily by James Vitale.

The class will use a comprehensive curriculum in Buddhist studies, which adapts the traditional curriculum taught in Tibetan Buddhist educational academies for Western audiences. Students progress sequentially through basic Buddhist introductory topics and then continue with the increasingly complex topics of the hinayana and mahayana studies. This provides students with a comprehensive foundation in all aspects of Buddhist studies.

This curriculum is the product of many years of work in transmitting, translating, and adapting the traditional educational system for students in the West. The core curricular materials were drawn primarily from the teachings of Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche, who also designed the curriculum.

Supplementary materials highlighting the features and emphases of the Drikung Kagyu lineage will also be provided along with the general curriculum.

This series is the second of four 6-week classes to be held at Drong Ngur presenting a comprehensive Introduction to Buddhism. The class structure will consist of 4-5 lecture / group discussion classes with 1-2 Q&A classes with Drupon Rinpoche.

Dates for the class:
Sep 4 Wed 7pm
Sep 11 Wed 7pm
Sep 18 Wed 7pm
Sep 25 Wed 7pm
Oct 2 Wed 7pm
Oct 16 Wed 7pm (skips a week for the Mani Drupchen)

What you need to know to get started:
Please email James Vitale ( if you intend to participate so I can make sure to have class materials available for you.
Requested donation for the class is one donation of $45 for all 6 classes. This goes to Drong Ngur and to cover the cost of curriculum materials. However, if you are interested in participating please come no matter what you can or cannot contribute. Drong Ngur strives to make the Dharma available to all. If you’ve purchased the text in advance, deduct your earlier donation from this amount.
Participants are asked to attend as many classes as possible, especially the 1st class. Mp3 recordings of all classes will be made available to all registered participants to cover situations when attendance is not possible.

Thank you very much, and may all beings experience perfect realization!

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