New Year’s Day Shamatha Retreat 2020

Do not modify the nature of evanescent appearances with thoughts such as hopes and fears, but rest for a while in unwavering meditative equipoise. This is not a state in which your attention is blanked out, as if you had fainted or fallen asleep. Rather, post the sentry of undistracted mindfulness and focus introspection on the movements of awareness.

Panchen Lozang Chökyi Gyaltsen


Drong Ngur Jangchubling is happy to announce our 5th annual New Year’s Day Shamatha Retreat, Wednesday, January 1st from 10am – 5pm. 

Shamatha, or calm abiding meditation, is a powerful meditative practice that helps rest the mind and body, and lessen discursive thoughts. It is a common practice to all schools of Buddhism, and is helpful to anyone interested in developing a calm and stable mind.

Drupon Rinpoche will lead the sessions, and provide instruction and guidance for our practice. The practice will conclude with special dedication prayers to set a positive intention for the New Year.

Opening prayers and Instruction

Alternating sessions of meditation


Alternating sessions of meditation

Dedication Prayers
This is a closed and silent retreat in two sessions: you may attend either the morning (10am), afternoon (2pm) or both. We request that you attend the full session (morning and/or afternoon) in order to maintain the atmosphere of the silent retreat for the other attendees.

Suggested Donation

$40 full day
$25 per session

No one is turned away due to lack of funds. We strive to make the Dharma available to all. Work-study is available in limited amounts and must be approved prior to attending. Work study students must complete assigned tasks either during the lunch period or after the retreat concludes. Please email Damien Contessa ( to request a work-study position.

Rooms are available for overnight stay. Please contact Paula Testa for more details:


Lunch will not be provided. Please bring your own lunch to the center. Water, tea, and coffee will be available for all guests. The kitchen will be open to use for your lunch preparation at 12pm and will close at 130pm. Food preparation may not take place during meditation practice. Please do not bring food into the shrine room. Drinks are permitted in the shrine room only if they are in a covered container.

30520 Lynne Drive Wesley Chapel, Florida 33543


May all beings enjoy perfect realization!

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